When old school technology meets new school technology

Sometimes the miracle of modern technology is most evident when needing to interface with not-so-modern technology.

This just happened…

Client’s friend is at client’s apartment. I am not at client’s apartment. I am on the street, en route to the subway to see another client, as usual. Client’s friend needs to print an airline boarding pass and needs to leave client’s apartment in 15 minutes. Client’s only printer is out of toner. New toner cannot be obtained within the time frame needed. Panic ensues.

But… client has a fax machine.

So client’s friend calls me (at client’s insistence) and asks how they can print to the fax machine. They can’t – it’s an old-school stand-alone fax. But I have a new-fashioned HelloFax account, which I can easily access from my iPhone. So I tell client’s friend to EMAIL me the boarding pass so I can EFAX it to client’s fax machine from my iPhone.


Three minutes later client had a paper copy of her boarding pass spitting out of client’s fax machine and I was back to my leisurely stroll to the subway.

And that, my friends, is why I get the big bucks. Creative problem solving on the fly, at your service 🙂


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