Wayback Wednesday: Classic Edition

I was going through a box that I pulled from storage and came across some memories…


On September 13, 2000 Apple released a $29.95 “preview” Public Beta version of Mac OS X (codenamed Kodiak). It was available to the public. Anyone with $30 could buy it and use it and give feedback on it.

This was the first public availability of the “Aqua” UI. The Mac OS X Public Beta expired and stopped functioning in Spring 2001.

Mac OS 9.2.1 (Limelight) was released on Aug 21, 2001. It required a PowerPC G3 processor (although the original PowerBook G3 was not supported), 32 MB of physical RAM, with virtual memory set to at least 64 MB, and 320 MB of hard disk space. It promised noticeably increased performance over its predecessors and it delivered on that promise. Four months later, Mac OS 9.2.2 was released as the last update for the Classic Environment.

For a graphical trip down Mac OS X memory lane, check out An Illustrated History of Mac OS X and for a detailed history of the Mac OS, head over to Christina Warren’s excellent Mashable article from a few years ago: The Evolution of Mac OS, From 1984 to Mountain Lion



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