Making sense of Mac keyboard shortcut modifier symbols

Mac CommandsThere are so many keyboard shortcuts throughout Mac OS X and it’s myriad of third-party apps that it’s easy to forget them or get lost trying to memorize the sea of keystrokes for each app. This is where CheatSheet will make your life easier, it’s a tiny free application that sits in the background waiting to be summoned from any app to instantly show all keyboard shortcuts for that application.

Get CheatSheet for free from Media Atelier  (requires OS X 10.7 or later)

After you’ve downloaded CheatSheet, place it in your /Applications/ folder and the launch the app. Now from any application, hold down the Command key for a few seconds to summon the “Cheat Sheet” list of all keyboard shortcuts for that app. This allows you to quickly see even the most obscure shortcuts that would otherwise be buried deep within a submenu somewhere.

You should also keep an eye on Dan Rodney’s Mac Central: Your Place for Good, Concise Mac Keystrokes, Tips & Tricks

Full Keyboard Symbol List:

is command (Formerly known as the  key)

is option

is control

is shift

fn  is Function key

is caps lock

is left arrow

is right arrow

is up arrow

is down arrow

is tab

is backtab

is return

is enter (extended number pad)

is delete

is forward delete

is page up

is page down

is home

is end

is clear

is space

is escape

is eject


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