• MacSamurai prides itself on long-term relationships. But whether we do business short-term or long-term is absolutely up to you.
  • MacSamurai charges fair rates for a high level of service. There are less expensive options for your technology needs but we’re confident that none will be as responsive, effective and efficient as we will be.
  • MacSamurai believes that honesty is the best policy. We’ll always be honest and will never knowingly misrepresent facts.
  • MacSamurai only installs and uses properly licensed software on their systems as well as the clients’ systems.
  • MacSamurai will divulge any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting a job or as soon as possible after the conflict is discovered.
  • MacSamurai will ensure that to the best of our knowledge we can complete the job in a professional manner both in terms of skill and time.
  • MacSamurai takes your privacy very seriously. We will safeguard all confidential data entrusted to us and will not divulge any confidential information without the consent of the client.
  • MacSamurai will not engage in work that is in violation of the law or that might reasonably be used by client to violate the law.
  • MacSamurai believes that Apple’s original marketing philosophy still applies. As much today, to us, as it did then, to them. To wit…

apple marketing philosophy

Here’s to the crazy in all of us.