Adding a Google Apps or Gmail account to your iOS device

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > and click on Add Account

Tap the Google logo

Enter your email address and your email password.  Then tap “Sign in.”

Tap “Allow”

Enable or Disable services as desired.

Anything enabled here will SYNC with the same relative sections of and/or any computer that’s connected to the same account.

Mail should be “on” for most people

Contacts and calendars are optional, but recommended for convenience

Notes is optional and should be disabled if you’re already using iCloud Notes. Enable it here if you’d rather have your Notes synced through your Google account instead.


Tap SAVE when you’re done.

Once the account is saved, change the “description” of the acount by tapping on the “Gmail” account you just added to edit it…

Now tap on your Account at the top of that screen…

Now enter a more meaningful and easily identifiable name in the Description field.

The Description field is what shows (only to you) in your list off Accounts in Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Since people often have multiple accounts listed there, it’s helpful to identify them for easy reference, other you end up with multiple accounts just called “Gmail” even they they are all different addresses.

Most people will benefit by using the actual email address for the description instead of the default description for any given account.



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